Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

So if you know me, or if you've been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I have been working on our master bedroom for three years now. I painted it. I got some lamps. I've made a duvet, gusseted pillows, and a bolster. I got a stunning bargain on new dressers. I picked up a sad chair to be recovered. I got a deal on a bench for the end of the bed. And I have probably spent about 100 hours obsessing over fabrics and colors. Maybe more. Bit by bit it's all been coming together.

I fell in love with a steel Parsons table at Room & Board, but it is $550. Plus tax. Plus $200 shipping. And I need TWO. Come hell or high water, I was going to save up for those tables... but my resolve started to wane and I thought, "maybe there's something I could get that would see me through few more years. Something like those tables, not as awesome, but less expensive. MUCH less expensive." Through a couple of happy accidents, I stumbled across a steel cutting and welding business, Wasatch Laser Cutting. And they said they would make the exact same tables for me for $150 each. Plus tax. But I would have to source the tempered glass tops. BAM! I could get TWO tables for the price of ONE R&B table, and no shipping! Well, today I got the photos. They are nearly done.

Last February, fully one year after I saw interior designer Christa Pirl's work featured on Apartment Therapy, I finally got up the nerve to email and ask whether she even considered projects like mine. After all, what designer would agree to a painfully slow, year-long project where the client does all the shopping, sewing, painting, and subcontracting? Christa does all that and a lot more for some very impressive homes, and yet she took our modest means in stride and provided me with a "style guide" that I could use to help me achieve the space I wanted. She designed the concept for the bedroom. Every few months she brings me fabrics to choose from. She responds to an endless stream of emails. She gives thumbs up and down on the eye candy I find at flash sales (I finally unsubscribed from them all, and I sleep better now). Most of all she keeps me SANE because I have a tendency to go on obsessive compulsive home-dec internet binges. This is my spin on the basic concept she's been helping me work towards. we started with the pagoda styled headboard, which I got when I finally bought myself my first real grown-up furniture. And I wanted some really fun chinoiserie lamps -- how can you not love these foo dogs?!  


So, once I get the new Parsons tables home, It's down to fabrics, a new ceiling fan/light fixture, mirrors & art, and new carpet. I feel like this is tremendous progress! I love the apple core lamps, but I've been thinking lately that they are too big for dresser lamps and really need to be end table lamps (that's what happens when you buy on impulse from flash sales when you've been sitting on the patio sipping wine). But that's ok, because the lamps are awesome and we still have the entire rest of the house to work on. Check back in 6 years. We might be getting close to done.