Big Girl Room

My niece, Stella, is three and a half years old. Not only has she graduated from crib to bed, she's now ready for her own Big Girl Room. She's going to be a big sister in August, so this symbolic change needs to be special. Here's the concept in all of it's pink and yellow and seafoam glory:

Stella's Shabby Chic Big Girl Bedroom

I've been busy sewing up a cover for her window seat along with all kinds of crazy pillow covers. It was very satisfying to apply some basic embellishing techniques like ruching and ruffling to something that didn't need to fit, didn't need to be perfectly measured, and didn't have to be anything but a feast of happiness for a little girl. I was lazy, I made all kinds of little mistakes, and yet I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. 

The Mother of all Projects, update

This was probably the first thing I should have done when we moved in, but I didn't know what color it should be. I just knew I hated the "Bisquick Batter Yellow" color.

I finally took on painting the great room in February. I'm now five gallons of paint and two months in, including one false start in the hallway with a shade of gray that was just too pale (see earlier post). The final choice is called Dorian Gray. It's a Sherwin Williams color, not too blue, or too green, or too greige. I am too short to reach the top 3', so I either need to rent a taller A-frame ladder (no way am I doing this on an extension ladder) or we need to hire someone to finish the rest. 

Here are some "before" and "in progress" shots with the false-start gray -- which was lovely in the entry and hallway, but you can see that in bright light it was anemic next to the slate tile around the fireplace.